The Millington archive of adoptions

Welcome to the Millington archive of adoptions recorded by the General Register Office of England and Wales for the period 1927 to 2001.

Please note that this web site does not hold any information about the original birth details of any of the individuals listed in this adoption database.

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At least two letters of the forename must be entered for a valid search. Only the first part of the desired result need be supplied in any search. Thus, typing 'Jo' as a forename search will match all the entries for Job, John, Jonathan, Joseph, Josiah, and so forth.

Wildcard matching using ? (matching a single character) and * (multiple characters) is permitted. The vertical bar symbol, |, may be used to indicate alternatives in the forename field, for example Geoffrey|Jeffery, to search for records that match against Geoffrey or Jeffery.

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