MILLINGTON The core of the one-name study. Some 57,000 Birth, Marriages and Death events have been recorded since 1837 in England and Wales.
  A number of variations in spelling have been identified:

MILLINGH - Mistranscription in the 1881 census. MILLINGRON
MILLINGSTON - A single marriage recorded in 1991. MILLINNGTON
MILLINTON - Used regularly by one family in Rotherham. MILTINGTON
MITTINGTON MYLLINGTON - A single entry in the 1851 census for Herefordshire.
MULLINGTON Found mainly in North Oxfordshire and the Potteries. The former may be a completely distinctive surname. Other smaller clusters are found in Lancashire, Herefordshire and South Wales. Approximatelty 70 occurrences in the UK at present. One variant occasionally found is MULLINTON.
MELLINGTON Usually considered a misreading of Millington. The name is borne by 1 family in the UK today, the source of which is unknown.
Data not yet gathered. There are some entries on FreeBMD with no obvious geographic focus. At least 1 Mallington entry refers to an individual who was usually spelled Mullington.
NULLINGTON Occurs only on the 1881 and 1901 censuses as a mistranscription of the Millington name. Here is an example of Mary Millington indexed in the 1901 census as Mary Nullington. an image from
the 1901 census showing the name Mary Millington
MELLINSON A distinctive surname mainly located in the Stockport area.
MILLINGHAM A distinctive surname mainly located in the Dudley area. One Millington crossover to Millingham (in the 1901 census) has been identified.
MILLINSON A distinctive surname mainly located in the Bromsgrove area.
Distinctive surnames, Millington entries mistranscribed as such on the 1881 census.