Millington Census entries in the United Kingdom

A search of the Great Britain censuses for the surnames Millington, Millinton and Milington carried out by the author.

  • 1841. Carried out on 6 June 1841. Uses references HO107/1/ to HO107/1466/.

    Entries from part of Wednesbury (Staffs.), Hawarden and Hope (Flint), Cheshire (a few around Runcorn), Sheffield (Yorks.).

  • 1851. Carried out on the 30 March 1851. Uses references HO107/1466/ to HO107/2531.

    A personal search of indexes produced by local family history societies of the 1851 census. 2917 entries have been identified (out of a population of 20,668,881), representing 0.0141% (or 1 in 7085) of the total. The most populous counties are Staffordshire (575 entries), Cheshire (353), and Lancashire (303).

  • 1861. Carried out on 7 April 1861. Uses references RG9/.

    Entries from West Bromwich (Staffs.), Hawarden and Hope (Flint).

  • 1871. Carried out on 2 April 1871. Uses references RG10/.
  • 1881. Carried out on the 3 April 1881. Uses references RG11/.

    A complete search of the 1881 census index for Great Britain (produced with the assistance of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints).

    A total of 4580 distinct individuals have been identified (out of a population of 29,410,274), representing 0.0156% (or 1 in 6241) of the total. The most populous counties are Staffordshire (836 entries), Lancashire (751), and Cheshire (485). However, the most densely populated county is Flintshire with 185 entries in a population of 80, 587, representing 0.2296% (or 1 in 436).

  • 1891. Carried out on 5 April 1891. Uses references RG12/.

    All entries from Scotland have been identified. Entries from the complete census indexes for Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire have been extracted. Entries for Cheshire (Altrincham, Congleton, and Stockport districts), Hampshire, Glamorgan (Cardiff), Lancashire (Barrow, Lancaster, Preston, and Wigan districts), Warwickshire (Aston and Birmingham), and Yorkshire (Bradford, Hull, and Middlesborough) are also on file. A total of 661 entries to date.

  • 1901. Carried out on 31 March 1901. Available on the Internet.